Galliano called her "a kittenish Parisian coquette." She was the muse and lover of 20th century photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue.  Renée Perle was a stunning, elegant, exotic, sophisticated beauty.  So effortlessly stylish and graceful.

From Jacques Henri Lartigue’s diary:

June 20 1930 

The call of swallows, the scent of warm pines. Our room perched at the top of the Hotel des Pins Parasols.

In the morning I go alone into the garden to paint…
She is upstairs, waiting for me in her room. She does her hair, dresses, darkens her eyelashes, eats a sweet…does nothing?…It matters little. All I know is that she is there, waiting for me and I shall go find her at the first summons of my love! She! Who is she? Renee. Above all she is a woman. A woman! Perhaps the first I have encountered (I am bowled over like an explorer in virgin forests who discovers, still in existence, a representative of the species diplodocus…)

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